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Where, oh where did all the good men go?

I shriek,


Behind the screen*

   *someone calls out ?



Shrinking into the flesh pixels

     They're playing sardines back there,

Gathering as they go,

              Lou finds Keith

            and Keith, David

          and David, Austin,

        and Austin, Bart,

      and so on,

    and so forth


Until you find the right pin,

        or pick away enough at the MDF

                                          (modern digital frameworks)

Which of course I have,


    *beep* ACCESS GRANTED *beep*

              red ----> green


We poke our heads round the pop-up


           | "behind the scenes"


They're taking


          (((chroma))) keys


in the VIP green

       screen ||| room


Of course,

Here they are,

Sipping on their bloody Marys,

Janes and whichever other defected avatar

            they picked up at the local dump:


    (Users/Ricky Gervais/David Brent/David Brent on the Road/



Terrified of the reality of skin and shit and spit,

Existing as mythical creatures in the depths of YouTube,

    and forming alternative skins

    of silicone, sweat and shame


   "Easier to be a cardboard cut-out, if you ask me."


"Well, Austin Powers,

                                 --  pseudonym: Michael Myers --


No one did bloody well ask you !!!!!!!!"


Honestly, I don't blame them.


     "Go into hiding whilst you can lads

     For retribution holds a carefully honed knife

     and she ain't afraid of slicing your sweet little cheeks




     for her bacon sarnie.