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Electro Deflecto, am I the defected partner in the crimes of spreading a false knowledge or am I the prophet yet-to-be hailed as the foresight of a bleak future? Either way I should at least perfect one thing in this short amount of time on this Earth. That one thing I suppose might as well be the schema for effective tin foil hat creation and maintenance. Although having said that, I did see some fancy x-ray specs formed of sprite bottles so perhaps we must consider that protection of the mind is also enabled through a tint that visualizes all as verdant as opposed to rose-tinted. The vision of the future is hope and not romance, what a shame. At least I will be able to identify the infrared radiation. I wonder if Mary has kept our recycling and not given it to those damn kids. To re-iterate, clinical paranoia does not necessarily maintain that the tin foil is an inefficient tool for protection. In fact, its efficacy has been proven and I ought really to disseminate these studies in our annual journal for support groups. I am also proud to reveal that TFTSK (Tin Foil Titans of South Kansas) of which I am the almighty president have developed an instruction booklet on efficient modes of tin foil hat formation based upon the shape of one’s skull, their perceived vulnerabilities and the thickness of skin. Not to mention an appendix of style recommendations to encourage each wearer to cultivate an idiosyncratic design.